The DoctorDr. Kathryn Hoyt, D.C.

Dr. Kathryn Hoyt, D.C.

Dr. Kathy is the owner of Inspire Health Chiropractic and Wellness in Bellaire Michigan. She is a gentle, effective, nurturing chiropractor who practices using a Diversified method, tailoring her adjustment style to each patient’s unique condition. She is passionate about helping patients achieve breakthroughs in their health, educating patients on how to care for themselves outside the practice, and raising up a great staff to provide excellent patient care.

She is a wife to Don and mother of two wonderful kids: Amelia and Tyler. She loves where she lives and works. She is a good listener who connects with patients and their families.

She is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University and Palmer College of Chiropractic. She practiced in Pennsylvania with a large firm before taking over her own clinic in Northern Michigan in 2007.

Above all else, Dr. Kathy loves meeting new patients and keeping her community healthy!

Give her a call at 231-533-8638